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Acupunctuer Certification Course

Course overview

Classical Acupuncture is the scientific treatment method that can cure all disease in our body by activating 12 body organs just by triggering an one acupuncture point.

This system is education will give a real medical knowledge, mental fortitude na dconfidence to change the state of life in which people got confused by moving into different treatment method were they loss their money and loss their confident.

By letarning classical acupuncture your family, relative and friends will get benifitted and you will become a guide and a medical therapist.

After you have studied and mastered the science of classical acupuncture you will be able to start your own treatment center and provide the best medical care and life science that can save human lives.

The Aim of CASMA training center is to develop every life saving medical practitioner by teaching them true precious classical acuouncture treatment method which is not available anywhere else.


  • 10th/+2 Pass/Fail/Any Degree/Any specialization
  • Medium of education English or Tamil