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About Victory Institutions


A Victory Institutions is the Creative Design college.Our vision to creative unique design to world with innovation and a local entrepreneurial spirit that looks to the future.This approach aimed at research and experimentation is also reflected in the Victory Institutions of Art & Design where students deal with visual design, production, interior and high-level design projects.

To creativity, a contemporary and innovative vision, a beacon for a new generation of conscious and committed creatives, whose search for modern solutions is combined with an ethical and sustainable vision. Both schools provide fertile learning environments that lead to an exclusive blend of cutting-edge design, new technologies and entrepreneurial skills, where theory and practice meet successfully.

Victory Institutions of Art & Design working together for Design

The Institutions has always been attentive to the latest trends in the design industry, constantly measuring up with young students and designers from different backgrounds, cultures and education. In this moment in history, Victory Institutions are where the newest and most interesting trends and industrial design developments come together.

This is a moment in which industrial culture and learning are getting even closer to the capitals of fashion, art and design.
Will offer them quality learning environments and stimulate their creativity.

Our Mission

It is a mission that has been embodied over a certain period of time. A unique and University Recognized Institution that nurtures and strengthens the personality and personality of the individual as well as the course, all students beyond the portal are professionally, intellectually and morally complete. Become a person.

Our Vission

In order to create innovative and cost-effective designs, excellent design technology mixes strong technical background with robust fashion sense, and students continuously strive to develop it. Ejects a potentially promising new generation of design professionals. There is one characteristic that an individual must possess in order to win, which is a clear purpose of knowledge of what he likes and the desire to own it.

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