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Professional Aari Embroidery Course - 2 months

Course overview

The operation of the ants is like embroidering on a stretched cloth and sewing the design with a long needle with a ring at the end. Needle technology began in the Mocha community, which uses this type of needle to sew intricate patterns on leather shoes. The name of the needle is Aari, and the embroidery work is named after the Aari work. This work consists of beads, stones, gold, and silver chambers that add to the royal richness of the design.

Aari work is famous for its elegant actual work that makes use of the weight of handmade embroidery. Ali's work has shown its existence in the 12th century, the era of Mughal rule. As time passed, the work expanded to a position where the expertise of the work was recognized by adding touches of traditional designs such as Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Today in the families of the ruling kings and queens, teenagers' hats and tops can be seen in various national traditional gear, including crafts, surrey, bridal chanyakoris or celebratory attire. As with other states, this piece is also bearing its name in southern India. Skilled workers use the aari work to reinforce the famous silk sari of the south. Andhra Pradesh's Srikalahasti Sanctuary also searches for the richness of ant work.

A group of women who have learned traditional arts give them the opportunity to teach women from other homes and earn a certain amount of money to live a better life. They are involved in embroidery, aari work and garment sewing. The Victory Craftsman Institute is accredited by the NCVTE (Central Government India) National Center for Vocational Technology Education and also receives product marketing support.


  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Aari work embroidery designer
  • Aari work trainer
  • Blouse Designer
  • Aari embroidery worker


  • 8th, 10th, +2 pass/fail, any group
  • Medium of education English or Tamil